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The number(s) in brackets represents the allergens. Please see the full list below.

Haryali Boti (7)
Bite-sized pieces of tender chicken breast marinated with ginger, garlic, mint yoghurt sauce.
Price: 7.50 euro

Batak Roll (1)
Julian duck meat with spicy Cajun and mixed vegetable staffed in a crispy pastry. Served with a chilli garlic sauce
Price: 8.50 euro

Tandoori Jhinga (2)
Tiger prawns marinated in ginger garlic, and masala sauce cooked on char grill served with pepper sauce.
Price: 10.95 euro

Tali Masala Machali (3)
Pan-fried cod fillet marinated in herbs, spices chilli powder served with tamarind sauce.
Price: 8.95 euro

Bakri Paneer (7)
Spicy goat cheese wrapped in filo pastry served with fresh tomatoes and pineapple.
Price: 7.95 euro

Masalay Dar Champ (7)
Succulent lamb chops tenderized with garlic Turmeric and chilli slowly cooked over charcoal.
Price: 8.95 euro

Makhani Sabzi Tikki (1)(7)
Pan-fried Moshed Irish potato cake cooked with garlic and ginger, cornflour served with mint sauce.
Price: 6.50 euro


Jalfrizi Jhinga (2)
Jumbo prawns marinated in ground coriander and Cumin cooked with curry sauce finished with ginger.
Price: 18.50 euro

Bhuna Hoa Jhinga (2)
Tiger prawns marinated in turmeric, garlic, cooked with mixed peppers, onion, garnished with spring onion.
Price: 19.50 euro

Machali Laziz Masala (3)
Fresh cod fillet cooked in very authentic spices mix with peppers and shallots.
Price: 18.50 euro


Murgh Jalfrezi
Famous Jalfrizi style breast of chicken cooked with chopped onion, tomato. Garnished with bay leaf and coriander.
Price: 15.90 euro

Murgh Tikka Masala (7)(8)
Flavoured recipe of tender breast of barbecued chicken simmered in creamy tomato sauce garnish with crispy Almond.
Price: 16.50 euro

Murgh Sindhi Biriyani (7)
From the spicy cuisine of Sindh, boneless chicken mix with basmati rice, spices and coriander served with riata sauce.
Price: 16.50 euro

Murgh Badami (7)
traditional Pakistani dish, tender pieces of chicken cooked with fried onions, yoghurt, cloves and coriander.
Price: 16.50 euro

Murgh Naryal (7)
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in spicy curry and crushed coconut, finished with coconut cream.
Price: 17.50 euro

Lamb & Beef

Chilli Masala Gosht
Succulent pieces of Irish lamb spiced with garlic, green chilli, fresh tomato, garnished with coriander, red chilli.
Price: 17.50 euro

Beef Shahi (7)
Chunks of Irish beef mix in spices, herbs, ginger, garlic. Cooked with pineapple, nut. Finished with fresh cream.
Price: 16.75 euro

Bhuna Gosht
Karachi’s famous dish cube of well-cooked Irish lamb mix in a selection of spices chopped onion, peppers, garnish with spring onion.
Price: 17.50 euro

Saag Gosht
The combination of pure Irish Lamb and fresh spinach mix with our unique spices Garam masala. Finished with coriander.
Price: 17.50 euro

Beef Jalfrezi
Chunks of Tenderloin beef prepared with peppers, onion and tomato. Garnished with ginger, coriander.
Price: 17.50 euro


Beef Zafrani Nihari (1)
Chunks of beef prepared with Khas spicy sauce from the Pakistani coast area, Karachi’s famous dish with lemon ginger garlic served with crispy naan bread.
Price: 20.50 euro

Haryali Sabzi
Fresh mixed vegetables, spices, mustard seeds, cloves and coconut milk.
Price: 11.95 euro

Began Aloo Gosht
Succulent fresh lamb mixed with curry paste, ginger, garlic slowly cooked with tomato and aubergine. Finished with coriander and sliced crispy Aubergine.
Price: 18.50 euro

Beef Garam Masala (7)
Tenderloin pieces of beef marinated in garlic cloves, yoghurt and spices, cooked slowly over charcoal.
Price: 17.25 euro

Rogani Gosht (7)
Tender pure Irish lamb cooked with fresh tomato, coriander, Julian peppers and onion. Finished with Saffron and fresh cream.
Price: 18.25 euro

Murgh Thai (2)(7)
Traditional Thai style chicken mixed with lemongrass spices, dried red chilli, shrimp paste and coconut milk.
Price: 17.50 euro

Makhani Gosht (3)(7)
Popular Malai style yellow lamb curry mixed with garlic, shallots and turmeric, chilli and coconut milk. Finished with baby corn and lemongrass.
Price: 16.95 euro

Mint Cottage platter (1)(2)(7)
A selection of BBQ Chicken, lamb chops, potato cake and Tandoori prawns. Served with sauteed onions, mixed peppers.
Price: 18.50 euro

Jingha Adrak Masala (2)
Tiger prawns marinated in light curry sauce cooked with Ginger, coriander masala finish with ginger provide light Flavored dish.
Price: 19.50 euro

Side Orders

Paneer Saag (7)
Fresh spinach simmered in fresh cream, cottage cheese. Flavoured with garlic, black pepper. Finished with sliced tomatoes.
Price: 7.50 euro

Kali Wali Dal (7)
Black lentils cooked with tomatoes, onion sauce. Finished with pure butter ghee.
Price: 5.95 euro

Aloo Bhujia (7)
Mashed Irish potatoes cooked with turmeric, yoghurt, garnished with pomegranate seeds.
Price: 5.50 euro

Mushroom Masala (7)
Mushroom cooked with onion, chilli powder, turmeric and a touch of fresh cream.
Price: 6.95 euro

Chana Chaat Masala (7)
A delicious dish af chickpeas cooked with Garam masala, ghee and sauteed onion.
Price: 6.50 euro


Pilau Rice
Basmati rice cooked with fried onions.
Price: 2.50 euro

Dum Rice
Boiled plain Basmati rice.
Price: 2.00 euro

Mint Coriander Naan (1)(7)
Naan stuffed with Mint and Coriander.
Price: 3.25 euro

Pathani Naan (1)(7)(8)
Famous Pakistani Naan stuffed with red Cherries, almond powder, coconut and honey.
Price: 3.25 euro

Plain Naan (1)(7)
Plain naan with butter ghee.
Price: 2.50 euro


Please inform our staff before placing your orders if you have an allergy to the following allergens:

1. Gluten, 2. Crustaceans, 3. Fish, 4. Eggs, 5. Peanuts, 6. Soya, 7. Milk, 8. Nuts, 9. Celery, 10. Mustard, 11. Sesame, 12. Sulphites, 13. Lupin, 14. Molluscs

While we take steps to minimise risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross-contamination may occur, as factors beyond our reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food we serve, or manufacturers may change their formulations without our knowledge.